Meditate they tell you. With your two toddlers, diapers to wash, meals to cook and a full timejob, you have no time to meditate! I get that. And, I have a 5 minute solution for you to practicein bed! My 5 minute energy mediation practice will change your life, strengthen your pelvicfloor, open your chakras […]

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May 29, 2021

Expert’s Corner: 5 Minute Meditation for Busy Mompreneurs


Written by: Jessica Painter, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant It’s 3 am, and you’re scrolling Instagram while simultaneously feeding your baby and cursing your husband’s useless nipples. It’s already the second time you’ve gotten up even though you went to bed at 11. You’re tired​, no, exhausted – a complete zombie and you’d take your caffeine […]

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May 27, 2021

Experts Corner: How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night in 3 Easy Steps


Hey gorgeous! As a stay-at-home Mom or woman in the corporate 9-5 world it can be pretty easy to think that’s the “only way” and “what else would I do” and feel guilty for wanting MORE. It seems like you either have to stay home full time and only focus on the kids or be […]

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September 26, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Til’ Your Kids are all Grown Up and Gone to Go After Your Dreams